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Ronex Netball Kit Rc-910 Set of 10 with a Built in Tights

Ronex Netball Kit Rc-910 Set of 10 with a Built in Tights

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  1. The Ronex Netball Kit RC-910 is a complete set of netball uniforms designed for teams or groups, consisting of 10 kits.

  2. Set Composition: The kit includes 10 sets of netball uniforms, each containing a skirt with built-in tights.

  3. Material: The netball kit is made of high-quality polyester fabric that offers durability, flexibility, and a comfortable fit.

  4. Skirt Design: The skirts in the kit feature a classic netball design, with a flared silhouette and a length suitable for netball gameplay. They are made from polyester fabric that provides excellent breathability and freedom of movement.

  5. Built-in Tights: The skirts are equipped with built-in tights, eliminating the need for separate undergarments. This feature ensures convenience and allows players to focus on their performance without any distractions.

  6. Cool Flex Technology: The polyester fabric used in the netball kit incorporates cool flex technology, promoting excellent moisture management and enhanced breathability. This helps to keep players cool and dry during intense gameplay.

  7. Versatility: The netball kit is suitable for both training sessions and official matches. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of netball gameplay, offering comfort and freedom of movement.

  8. Team Uniformity: The kit includes 10 identical sets, allowing for uniformity within the team. This promotes a sense of unity and professionalism during netball matches.

  9. Size Range: The netball kit is available in various sizes to accommodate players of different body types and preferences. This ensures that each team member can find a comfortable fit.

  10. Durability: The polyester fabric used in the netball kit is known for its durability, making the uniforms resistant to wear and tear, even with regular use and washing.

In summary, the Ronex Netball Kit RC-910 offers a complete set of netball uniforms with built-in tights, designed for teams or groups. The polyester fabric with cool flex technology ensures comfort, breathability, and durability, making it an ideal choice for netball training and matches.