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Training Marker Cone set of 50

Training Marker Cone set of 50

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Type : Flat Cone


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Multi-sport cones
These ronex training marker cones are an excellent choice for a variety of drills across a range of sports including football, American football, rugby, tennis & more.

Best on the market
Weighing 28g & created using premium plastic, these training marker cones are 100% weatherproof. The additional weight provides increased stability during windy conditions.

Easy portability
Sold in packs of 50, each set of ronex training marker cones comes with a heavy-duty plastic stand included. The plastic stand allows for easy storage & portability.

High-visibility colours
Offering exceptional clarity on all playing surfaces, these training cones come in vibrant multi colours.

What's in the box
50 x Flat Marker Cones 2 Inch